Anticorp is an underground Australian label that is run by riders not corporate suits, shareholders, accountants etc hence the name.

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Against the Grain

Anticorp is an 100% independantly owned Australian brand run by snowboarders who still do things for the passion and to ride.  We are a legit snow brand run high in the snowy mtns at the coalface, not some craft beer drinking hipster run outfit from the cities

Anticorp has been making gloves for the Australian snow conditions for 30 years and have 30,000/20,000 fabrics with Kevlar palm sides and  are probably half the price of some of these U.S brands.

We are against all these mainstream sold-out surf & snow companies that are run by corporate suits, shareholders, Banks or marketing depts. We have cut all the crap out and focussed on giving you the consumer high quality product at an affordable price. Where possible we manufacture our products in Taiwan as opposed to China, or at least use Taiwanese manufacturers and materials. This is a more expensive process but results in a very low if not zero product return rate. Its how most brands used to do it back in the day, before getting greedy and moving manufacturing to 3rd world countries. We are holding onto the old school quality.

The retail price for example of our gloves are $60-$90 and is most likely the same quality as a $100 – $150 glove in U.S brands. Main reason is because we don’t have the high running costs like the bigger brands. We keep it simple running from a farm high in the snowy mtns.

So if you want quality and you are a bit smarter than the average bear, that does not want to give away your hard earned cash on an overpriced over marketed U.S brand that has tooo many people making a living on the products journey from factory to you.  Well get on the ANTICORP train as our main purpose is to get high quality product to you guys at a good price.  Be part of the Uprising.