Against the Grain

ANTICORP is independently owned and a 100% Australian brand, run by snowboarders who still do things for the passion, to ride. We are a legit brand, run from the coalface and are not making decisions from a city boardroom!

ANTICORP has been making gloves for the Australian snow conditions for 30 years and have 30,000/20,000 fabrics with Kevlar palm sides and  are well priced and designed for Australian conditions & probably half the price of some of these U.S brands.

ANTICORP have been involved in the manufacturing of – gloves, goggles, beanies, board covers, stomp pads and all accessories for over 30 years. We have cut out all of the middlemen and promotional dollars, focusing on giving you high quality products at affordable prices. We deal with high-end factories, using the best materials and do not support sweatshops. We choose a more expensive process to deliver on the quality we stand by, resulting in an almost zero product return.