Snow Boarders

Anticorp encourage people to get out there and enjoy the ausy slopes and keep a good attidude. Breath in the fresh mountain air and enjoy being out in the unique Australian high country.


Keep it real and don’t talk it up [its not the austarlian way] So have a good time and respect all other users on the hill. The person with a smile on there face is having the best time.


Its not all about the image, its about doing mileage on the hill and gaining expeirience. Its more important to buy the right, technical and quality gear as opposed to the coolest or most marketed brands. Ask your local board shop for the right advice. 1st Function 2nd Fashion [bonus]

Anyway get out there and enjoy and remember the whole mountain is a park, so have a good look around the whole mtn.

Turn on your side cut, not just tail sliding your board out as that is no different to ski snowplough turns.