ANTICORP is an Australian Snow brand, operating from the Snowy Mountains, and is run by snowboarders and ski bums – there’s no big company, shareholders or corporate crew involved.

Our Soul and focus is ‘anti-corporation’, we prefer to fly under the radar and focus on our customers. ANTICORP is a lean operation and runs from a farm high in the mountains – our designer/founder is dedicated to making high quality products that suit harsh Australian wet conditions, as our snow is different to the dry powder found overseas.

ANTICORP have been involved in the manufacturing of – accessories, gloves, goggles,  board covers,  & stomp pads in Australia for over 30 years.

So, if you want quality and you are a bit smarter than the average bear, wanting great quality for reasonable prices, get on the ANTICORP train, we are here to support you guys! Be part of the uprising!

Quality Products without the Hype

Our main focus is to maintain the quality and save you, the consumer, money! With old-school quality, minus all of the marketing propaganda dished out to us these days!   We make products specifically for Australia’s tough blizzards and wet snow.