Anticorp goggles are high Taiwanese quality at cool prices Check out our LL Low Light Lens, which is proven to work when riding the storms. This goggle is sold more at the coal face when customers come in because they cannot see. They are passed a pair of Anticorp LL goggles and off they go.
It seems that in the cities far from the blizzards, there is too much time spent standing in front of a mirror “Do I look good?” or sales bullshit on interchangeable, or magnetic with spare lenses, BLAH , BLAH ,BLAH .
Anticorp will cost between $60 – $90, so you can buy 1 pr of LL goggles and a 1 mirror and have a spare pair in yr jacket pocket incase you do a head plant in the powder.
If your store does not stock these, then order them on this online store. There is no such thing as a bad day, but there is either gear failure or you need to tuffen up. We get our best snow quality in Australia when the storms bring high wind creating dry wind blown snow that will cover your tracks in no time
At Anticorp we are based in the snow and ride the storms to test goggles that work in ausy conditions.

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