Skier / Telemarking

The equipment available these days with the twin tips, cross mtn and the fun sidecuts [stolen from snowboard design] has loosened up skiing ten fold and is becoming alot more fun. Also with the big range of touring and tele-bindings available to screw onto a wide range of skiis, don’t be afraid to mix it up as there are not to many boundries these days.

Also worth amention is a Tele board, there is only 1 in Oz ridden by a versatile rider by the name of Wayne Ryan [Jindabyne] Awsome peice of apparatus and is simple to use as you need to combine snowboarding, telemarking and skiing all at one time. So when you master all 3 its worth giving this puppy a run.

Boots are also catching up with the freeride skiis with a whole range of flex patterns and weights to adjust for your style of riding. So don’t be afraid to step out of the box.

Enjoy your riding and when you learn 1 dicipline then try the others as a true mountain man can turn on the side cut of skiing,telemarking and snowboarding so forget about the divison between the 3 as its only there because of lack of understanding and expeirince.